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Juvenile Crimes in Fort Myers, FL

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Has your child been arrested for a crime in the state of Florida? There is nothing more frightening than getting a call as a parent and hearing that your child has been arrested. Many parents go straight into a panic in fear that their child is at the mercy of the judicial system. Other parents have had enough of their rebellious son or daughter and step back in waiting for the courts to teach them a lesson.

As a parent, neither of these approaches is effective and proactive. When faced with this type of situation, the first thing you should do is consult an experienced and aggressive Fort Myers criminal defense attorney from Brian L. Edwards, Esq. Our firm understands that mistakes happen and we are here to help rectify the situation so that their future is not negatively affected.

Juvenile crime, also referred to as delinquent conduct, is a crime that is committed by someone who is below the legal age of 18. This area of law encompasses a multitude of different crimes from theft, underage drinking, drug crimes, traffic offenses, graffiti, gang violence, to sex crimes. A juvenile crime must go to court and pass through the juvenile criminal process. This process is extremely taxing and stressful for the entire family, as they still have their entire lives in front on them and so much is at stake.

Representing Minors in Fort Myers, FL

The juvenile process is slightly different from the adult criminal process, in that they focus more so on rehabilitating the minor to change their ways, instead of concentrating on punishment and justice. For this reason, the consequences that they face are geared towards implementing structure, obedience and a respect for legal authority. It is imperative to have an assertive legal advocate present to help negotiate with the judge and the prosecution in order to have their charges reduced or dismissed altogether. Your attorney will play a major role and make a major difference in the direction that your juvenile case will go, so be sure to contact a Fort Myers juvenile defense attorney from our firm today.

Possible Penalties for Juvenile Crime in Florida

The first question that comes to mind with these cases is what type of penalties could this underage defendant be facing? Some juvenile crimes are handled in the juvenile criminal justice system, but other cases the juvenile delinquent can be tried as an adult, depending on the crime. This is why aggressive defense is so vital in this case. The penalties for juvenile crimes are centered on rehabilitation so that the minor will learn from their mistakes and not repeat them as an adult.

The most common penalties for juvenile crimes include:

  • Mental treatment
  • Therapy or counseling
  • Detention in a youth facility
  • Juvenile Hall
  • Youth authority facility

Many times, children do not understand the full magnitude of their actions, which is why the court should not be as tough on them. We deserve that children deserve second chances, so that their future is not seriously jeopardized. If your child is convicted on a juvenile crime, they could be denied admission into college, lose out on future employment, and be denied financial aid in higher education.

That is why it is vital to have an attorney present to vigorously protect their rights in juvenile court. There have been more and more cases where prosecutors are trying juveniles as adults rather than an underage offender and this increases the risk for serious criminal penalties.

Tried & True Juvenile Defense in Fort Myers, FL

Here at Brian L. Edwards, Esq., we strive to protect your family by keeping your child out of state facilities. Our firm will treat your family with respect and will defend your child's rights and fight for the most favorable outcome in their case. We understand that young people make mistakes, but they can learn from them and do not deserve severe punishment. Our firm will strive to provide emotional support for your family during this difficult time and we will do everything in our power to have the charged reduced or dismissed completely.

Attorney Edwards is a former assistant state attorney with former prosecution experience and he knows what it takes to build a compelling and solid defense case. This makes us uniquely qualified to defend your child. We understand both sides of the justice system.

If your child has been arrested for a juvenile crime, contact a Fort Myers criminal defense lawyer from our firm today for a free case evaluation!

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