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Mr. Edwards is uniquely qualified to represent people in drug crimes cases. When he was a prosecutor, he was assigned to the drug division which specifically deals with the prosecution of drug crimes. He has prosecuted and defended every type of drug charge in his 20 years as an attorney. He had specific training in things that are involved only with drug crimes. He also became very familiar with many Fourth Amendment violation issues that are commonly seen in drug cases. He now uses those experiences to help people who are accused of drug crimes.

Charged with a drug crime in Fort Myers, FL?

In the state of Florida, drug crimes are taken very seriously. The state and federal laws that have been established regarding drug offenses are aggressively prosecuted in court, quite possibly because law enforcement officers have expressed their concern that much of the criminal activity that occurs in Florida can be directly related to drug-related activity. The Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000 has further enforced this belief, now allowing for personal assets to be seized or forfeited when criminal activity is connected to certain types of drug offenses.

Since the Patriot Act, court systems have shown more and more tolerance for the procedures that are permitted to be used during an arrest, and practices that were formerly considered to be unacceptable have become increasingly seen as conventional. Persons who are up against drug crime allegations in Florida need to act immediately, because the consequences of a conviction are often severe. Without the experience of a skilled Fort Myers criminal defense attorney on your side, it could be much more difficult to escape persecution for the drug crime charges that you are currently up against.

Possession, Trafficking, & Dealing

The penalties of a drug crime offense can vary greatly, and will largely depend on the nature of the activity involved. Also taken into consideration will be the quantity of the drug and the intended use of the drug. Almost all drug-related offenses are associated with the possession, trafficking, and / or dealing of illicit materials.

To better understand the nature of the charges that have been made against you, the three most common types of drug-related offenses are described below:

  • Possession: Florida law states that the simple possession of an illegal substance is enough to incriminate the person in whom possession of the drug was found. Whether or not you were currently using the drug that was found on your possession, you can still be held criminally liable for the offense if your drug crime attorney cannot find a reasonable option for resolution. From cocaine, to heroin, to marijuana, to oxycodone, to Xanax, the possession of any type of narcotic or pharmacological drug can be cited as criminal behavior.
  • Trafficking: No matter what role you played in the operation of an elaborate drug trafficking scheme, incriminations of this nature are very serious. Whether or not you are considered to be a true drug dealer, involvement in the organization of a drug trafficking operation will result in imprisonment if you are convicted. Persons facing truck trafficking allegations have been incriminated for the intentional purchase, sale, possession, delivery, manufacture, or transportation of drugs in Florida. Penalties for trafficking charges depend on the type and amount of the drug involved.
  • Dealing: Drug dealers can be prosecuted for the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, or sale of an illegal substance, whether it be a narcotic or a prescription medication. The act of dealing an illegal substance is connected to the global black market drug trade, and as such, crimes of this nature are treated with severity. With the right attorney, however, a Motion to Suppress can be implemented which can exclude evidence from a case if it can be proven that it was obtained illegally.

The Role of a Criminal Defense Lawyer

As you face the potential consequences of an arrest for criminal drug activity, the role of an attorney will be crucial. The criminal justice system does not act kindly toward those who've been accused of any type of drug-related behavior, which makes your need for aggressive defense all the more necessary. When criminal charges have been pressed for the possession of an illicit drug, the best thing you can do is to employ the defense of an experienced Fort Myers drug crime attorney.

At Brian L. Edwards, Esq. we know how to effectively defend persons who are facing drug crime allegations. From the utilization of pretrial diversion, to the submittal of a Motion to Suppress, to the courtroom appearances that could be required of a defendant, we are prepared to represent the individuals who seek our firm for support. Backed by the experience of hundreds of jury trials, we are skilled in our practice and ready to take on the challenges of your case.

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