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According to the Florida Penal Code § 812.13, Robbery is a crime where you are accused of stealing someone else’s property with the use of force or threats of violence. The factor of fear is what differentiates robbery from other types of theft crimes.

Robbery is considered to be a felony offense in the state of Florida which carries serious legal repercussions. If by chance the offender was also carrying a dangerous weapon during the commission of the crime, then it would be considered to be a first degree felony. Without carrying a weapon, offenders face a second degree felony charge. Robbery and armed robbery are some of the more austere theft crimes and will be harder to defend in court. If you have been arrested for robbery, speak with a Fort Myers criminal defense lawyer from our firm immediately for aggressive legal representation.

Penalties for Robbery in Florida

When it comes to criminal sentencing the penalties for a robbery crime will depend on the amount of force that was used in the course of committing the crime.

The varying penalties for robbery are found in section 775.082 of the Florida statutes:

  • First degree felony- This crime is punishable for up to 30 years in prison (In rare cases a life sentence)
  • Second degree felony- This crime carries a sentence of up to 15 years in prison

In the state of Florida you can also be convicted of “strong arm robbery,” which refers to the sudden snatching of property. With this crime the offender must have the intent to deprive the victim of their property either temporarily or permanently and in the act of snatching the owner became aware of their actions.

In robbery cases, the interaction between the offender and the victim plays a major role, along with testimonial evidence or proof of force. It is important that you obtain a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who will know how to refute this evidence and dismantle the prosecution’s case.

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