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Medical Record Spill: Attorney Edwards Interviewed

Everyone is capable of making a mistake in the workplace – it is just human error. But sometimes something as simple as forgetting to double-check a lock can lead to a widespread problem. Such is the case for the Radiology Regional Center after a county employee failed to secure a transportation truck, allowing hundreds, if not thousands, of sheets of private medical records to scatter all across Fort Myers, Florida, especially Fowler Street, in late December 2015. Many of the documents were reported to be a decade old and contain invoices, registry information, phone records, and accounting statements.

Local news source Wink News turned to Brian L. Edwards, Esq. for some insight on how this could pose a major legal issue. As he points out, having just your name and medical provider exposed could be enough for a clever cyber thief to start picking away at your identity for weak spots. In today’s age of computers and internet, identity theft is a very real concern. To quote our very own head attorney, Mr. Edwards has said, “I check my bank account just about daily. My work account, home account, just to make sure there’s no fraud.”

A representative from Radiology Regional Center, Chief Operating Officer Brad Reid, insists that the records were on their way to the county incinerator, and in a county vehicle. If true, the blame for the embarrassing and exposing incident could fall off their shoulders entirely. Just to be safe, he has notified both state and federal government officials of the incident, and the company will reach out to people who had their private information displayed on public streets.

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