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Brian Edwards Discusses Tragic Cape Coral Fatality on NBC 2 News

Following a fatal Cape Coral car crash, Brian Edwards joined NBC 2 News to discuss the case. His insight as a former prosecutor is especially beneficial and gave viewers a better understanding of what could follow in the coming weeks.

The crash occurred on July 20th, when a pickup truck slammed into a pool hall and pinned a 60 year old patron to the bar. As a result, the man lost his life. Reports indicate that the truck driver had five times the legal alcohol limit in his system at the time of the accident, although he has not yet been arrested.

According to Attorney Brian Edwards, simply have the blood reading does not necessarily mean that the case is closed. This is not the only thing impacting a potential DUI case. He went on to say that although the process can seem to move slowly for grieving families, the likelihood is strong that justice will prevail.

Such a Serious Case Warrants Close Attention, Says Edwards

This case is very serious given the driver's blood alcohol level. As such, loved ones should take comfort because officials will do everything they can to cross every "t" and dot every "i", Attorney Edwards noted on NBC 2 News.

He admitted that a while a suspect may be able to flee, his experience has shown that the local state attorney office is committed to getting people down there, particularly when the case is as serious as this one. Attorney Edwards said that the clock starts ticking toward a fair and speedy trial the moment the handcuffs are in place.

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