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Officer accused of falsifying dozens of DUI reports

A former Utah trooper of the year was fired accused of falsifying dozens of arrest reports. After over 40 complaints filed against Lisa Steed, she had her employment terminated by the Utah highway patrol.

Steed had previously been named 2007 Utah highway patrolman of the year. That award had been given to her based in part on the large number of DUI arests Steed had made.

“That night when I got pulled over, lost my truck, lost everything I have, my motor home, everything...,” said Thomas Romero, a victim of Steed.

Romero was pulled over by Steed because of a burnt out light bulb above his license plate, but when she suspected he was drunk, he went to jail booked on a DUI arrest. A blood alcohol test revealed that he had a blood alcohol level of .000.

Many other victims have made similar accusations. Steed has hired an attorney to fight the complaints.

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