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As Colorado and Washington legalize marijuana, what is next?

An interesting debate. I wonder if more and more states keep legalizing marijuana, if it will eventually be legal everywhere. I believe it will eventually come down to money. If a state close in proximity to you legalizes marijuana, and you would potentially like to be able to legally use it, would you consider moving? If enough people begin answering yes to that question, I believe it will eventually become legal in all 50 states.

A higher population base means things such as more tax revenue, more demand for jobs in a local market and potentially even more electoral votes for your state. If that happens, even the most conservative states will feel the pressure to legalize it. It will be similar to the drinking age being 21 in 49 of the 50 states. All of the states with the exception of Louisiana prohibit alcohol to people under 21 because the Federal government will not grant money for highway construction if it any younger than 21; That is why the road conditions in Louisiana are so poor.

So as more and more states legalize marijuana, the more pressure other states will feel to do the same.

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